The Mad Scientist

The Superman Orchestra

Seven contemporary composers premiere their new orchestral scores to the vintage Superman cartoons of the 1940s. Under the glow of the Hollywood Theatre screen, 16 musicians, composers, and voice actors make their own interpretation of the Sunday morning action classics of yesteryear.

Superman is one of the icons from popular culture that has indeed transcended his comic book roots and become a modern myth of profound proportions. My aesthetic inclinations often tend towards elements that could be considered experimental or avant-garde—styles that are frequently dependent on subtlety and nuance. After watching these cartoons, however, I could not help but write a score that is unabashedly triumphant and heroic, truly appropriate for the modern myth of Superman. The result is a score that very clearly juxtaposes good and evil; it celebrates the hope and social good that the “Man of Steel” inspires in all of us.

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