Rapture and the Agon

Written for flute choir (10 flutes).mossy-old-tree

I’m attracted to juxtaposition: aesthetic, intellectual, emotional. After some rather moving and personal experiences, I began thinking about historical moments when individuals have had the realization that they are incredibly insignificant, and yet simultaneously exceptional and of great importance; the parallel realization that they are no greater than the dirt beneath their feet, and yet what they choose to do with themselves is of enormous consequence.

This is a frequently recounted story among many world religions. Moses on the mount. Jesus in Gethsemane. Buddha under the tree. St. Theresa and her ecstasy. Rapture and the Agon.

This piece is dedicated to Molly Barth’s flute studio of Spring 2009, including Tara Schwab, Patricia Cardona, Ella Anderson, Lacey Chrisco, Amy Marie Norland, Tara Aprin, Megan Knowles, Alexandria Greenwell, Haley Cameron, and Cassie Lear.

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