3 Musings for Pierrot

The concept of these three short works germinated with my frustration with what I perceived to be the over-serious, supposedly introspective intellectualism heard at modern concerts. These 3 Musings were written as a reaction to these musical experiences.

The addition of the Whoopee Cushion in the third movement was not a gimmick but came as a result of the fascination I have with the potential effects of sound on the listener. Sounds elicit real and powerful psychological and physiological responses (like uncontrollable laughter). The listeners were faced with the conflict between their expectations of a traditionally serious concert and the actuality of hearing the sound of a Whoopee Cushion in a concert hall. Each member of the audience must attempt to control their laughter as the concert continues. The Whoopee Cushion performs a function within the context of the piece, presenting an unusual musical challenge.

No. 1

No. 2

No. 3

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