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Rethinking the Theory Classroom

Pedagogy is something that is always on my mind. Questions regarding how, why, and what we teach to student musicians occupy a great deal of my time and research. Most recently, I’ve had some of my work published in the third volume of Engaging Students, an online journal devoted to student-centered learning in music.  Give it a read: “Rethinking the Theory Classroom: Towards a New Model for Undergraduate Instruction.”

Undermining Cliffs @ 2015 Utah Dance Film Festival

UPDATE: “Undermining Cliffs” received the Arches Award at yesterday’s festival. Congratulations to everyone involved!

This Saturday a dance film edited by Shannon Vance, conceptualized by Kate Monson, performed by Kate Monson and Amy Jacobson, and scored by me will be shown at the Utah Dance Film Festival. It is part of the 3pm showing at the Provo City Library. Attendance is free, but tickets need to be reserved here. Trailer below along with a glimpse at the Utah Dance Film Festival’s preview of what’s to come.

Here it is!! The Utah Dance Film Festival 2015 Season!We’re excited to give you a little taste of what you get to see next weekend…

Posted by Utah Dance Film Festival on Wednesday, April 1, 2015