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Sacred Silence

Until November 21st, you can hear my work accompanying artist Katie Payne’s installation at Writ & Vision, in downtown Provo, UT. “A Space for the Contemplation of Sacred Silence” is comprised of more than a dozen large white fabric panels with hand stitched embroidery. From the gallery’s website:

“To view this exhibit is to be immersed in it, to walk among and between the panels . . . and to contemplate the sacred silence it typifies.”

Undermining Cliffs @ 2015 Utah Dance Film Festival

UPDATE: “Undermining Cliffs” received the Arches Award at yesterday’s festival. Congratulations to everyone involved!

This Saturday a dance film edited by Shannon Vance, conceptualized by Kate Monson, performed by Kate Monson and Amy Jacobson, and scored by me will be shown at the Utah Dance Film Festival. It is part of the 3pm showing at the Provo City Library. Attendance is free, but tickets need to be reserved here. Trailer below along with a glimpse at the Utah Dance Film Festival’s preview of what’s to come.

Here it is!! The Utah Dance Film Festival 2015 Season!We’re excited to give you a little taste of what you get to see next weekend…

Posted by Utah Dance Film Festival on Wednesday, April 1, 2015


I recently worked with baritone Robert Brandt and mounted a performance of these Birdsongs.

“While living in Michigan, the thick deciduous woods had a way of creeping into my mind. The many birds who lived there unwittingly (or not!) made it into my prose, and after a few years I realized I had handfuls of poems about various species and my interactions with them. I’m intrigued by the mysterious nature of this particular collection of words and subjects that I did not initially intend to make and realized I had only in retrospect. Here are only a few of them, collected and composed into a cycle, each giving glimpses into what these birds revealed to me in and around the majestic forests of the Midwest.

Performed by Robert Brandt (baritone) and Barbara Allen (piano). Jan. 29, 2015.”