MiND Ensemble, April 15th and 16th @ 8pm

I have recently become a participating member of a research and performance group called the MiND Ensemble. Free performances are tonight and tomorrow! See below:

The MiND Ensemble (Music In Neural Dimensions) is a new-media performance group that seeks to change the way we think about the creative process. Advanced neurofeedback technology is only now becoming available to the general public, and the range of possible applications is still widely unexplored. This ensemble is developing software tools to interface with this cutting-edge technology, and is generating audio/visual performances directly from brainwave activity. These performances will mark the first instances to ever utilize this technology.

The ensemble embraces interdisciplinary collaboration and will advance research in the fields of human computer interaction, neuroimaging, cognitive psychology, and musical performance. The ensemble hopes to become a nexus for this type of research at the university, and to build a community of individuals who share our passion for creative applications of neural research.

April 15 and 16th @ 8pm
Duderstadt Center Video Studio
University of Michigan Campus
Admission: FREE

UPDATE 1: The Michigan Daily has published an article about our ensemble and the performance this last weekend. See “Neurofeedback ensemble puts MiND over matter“.

UPDATE 2: Garrett Schumann has written an extended reflection about the MiND Ensemble concert as a contributor over at Sequenza21. See “On Brains, Babbitt, and the End of the Year“.

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