No Extra Notes – Composer Takeover Feature

In order to kick off the new year, and to bring in a whole slew of pent-up posts, I wanted to be sure to mention the podcast over at No Extra Notes posted earlier this week. I happen to be one of the invited guests, along with Ryan Brown and Andrea La Rose in “Composer Takeover 05”.

No Extra Notes is a blog which interviews and features a wide variety up and coming composers, and they have  constructed their “Composer Takeover” edition to feature a whopping three composers one after another, in a podcast of mammoth 45-minute proportions! Woot!

Go check out the podcast, and considering that my last name starts with “R”, this week’s 15 minutes of fame can be found, alphabetized, around the 30 minute mark (each composer got 15 minutes each).

A little bit of talk and a little bit of music to begin this year of productivity.

One thought on “No Extra Notes – Composer Takeover Feature”

  1. My daughter Amira brought home a phases of the moon chart from school yesterday.
    I thought it was appropriate that I should listen to your podcast segment today.
    After the segment finished I walked into the kitchen. I could here the first phase, (new moon), playing in my mind. I realized after the cat clock interrupted my ephemeral sway,
    as you said of your music, “gestural”, I noticed a helicopter playing in the same key as the trumpet; let’s hope it was a trumpet, haha. For what it’s worth, the brass quintet had a profound affect on my submodalities, the auditory and as you said, the visceral.
    I thought it was beautiful and can only identify, in my inexperience, to the consummation of beauty, looking at all of our ancestors on my walls, their gibbous moon colored photographs floating through.

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