Suite of Roads, Movement I.

Video (and audio, of course!) is now posted of the Eugene Contemporary Chamber Ensemble’s May 13th, 2010 performance of Suite of Roads, a two-movement work for orchestra. The movements, severely contrasting in style and energy from one another, will be posted on separate days, with the second movement coming tomorrow. My program notes from the concert are pasted below.

With the advent of commercial flight, the value of travel itself has largely been transformed from what was once a journey-centric experience to what is now a destination-centric one. What we miss when seated in our aircraft speeding along at high altitudes is everything in between. We miss how we have shaped the land and how the land continues to shape us; what is ultimately a profound enculturation of human history and experience. Travel, to me, is the art of observation—spinning otherwise disparate experiences into threads of power and personal meaning.

Some of my most vivid and formative experiences consist of events and narratives that have unfolded along these corridors of dirt, rock, and pavement. With open eyes, ears, and hearts, the unexpected people, places, and things that one encounters along the way are often more valuable than the carefully calculated and frequently unremarkable plans made by the most imaginative of us. Suite of Roads.

Suite of Roads, I. To from Sam L. Richards on Vimeo.

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