Family Feud, Google Style

This morning, sitting around the breakfast table sucking down homemade blueberry-strawberry-banana-cranberry all fruit smoothies (is there anything better?) my family discovered a fun new pastime. It is a version of family feud, reincarnated as a lens into contemporary culture and its uses of search engines.

Most web browsers come with a built-in search bar that defaults to Google. Not only does it send your query to Google, but Google feeds you a list of suggestions as you type:

While inhaling our frozen berry gorgeousness (made with my all new ALL-Metal drive blender!) we decided to use Google’s search suggestions to play our own version of Family Feud. Here were some of our generic yet surprisingly hilarious and culturally insightful examples:

4 thoughts on “Family Feud, Google Style”

  1. We tried playing that for FHE and met with so little guessing success it resulted in general displeasure. However we were all (Chris, Mom and lil’ me — but mostly Chris) more than a little interested in “why do I fart so much” and had a very informative evening about passing gas, which concluded with a delightful infrared video of someone tooting in public on youtube and a commitment that we would count our daily emissions to see if we fall above or below average (which is apparently 14 farts a day). I’m guessing we’re above. Family home evening rarely grasps at spirituality in our home — we usually end up designing dream tattoos or watching fart videos. But we are a family. And we are at home. And it was the evening. The title says nothing about spirituality. Was this too low brow for your blog?

  2. Emily, I am confident that it is the potent combination of this blog’s high-brow polemics and low-brow flatulatory-talk that have forged my steely mono-brow, although my hopes and dreams are set on the ever elusive no-brow.

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