3 thoughts on “Nobility and Narrative”

  1. Five years of gulping down non-fiction, avoiding novels, and not reading a single book from start to finish. Movie previews make me cry. Narrative and metaphor is the basis of human understanding. Data always needs to be interpreted (in other words, a story needs to be made out of it before it means anything to anyone).

    Lots and lots and lots and lots of things. I should write a whole new post about what brought this on . . .

  2. I couldn’t agree more. This concept is for me is the foundation of all my inspiration as a composer. Not just narrative in music per se, but rather art as ritual, art as ceremony, art as initiation, in the way described by Joseph Campbell. Artists can be very powerful when they consciously act as storytellers, priests/priestesses, prophets, and other purveyors of human archetypes. In other words, I think Joseph Campbell was right and so are you.

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