ANIMA Program Notes

Pasted below are the program notes I wrote for this last weekend’s ECCE:ANIMA concert. Audience was packed in with standing-room only for both nights. Everybody involved did an outstanding job.

Colleges and universities are typically designed to educate using the approach of specialty. As a result diversity is sometimes shortchanged, and communication between disciplines and departments on campus is either infrequent or non-existent. As students studying the arts at these institutions, we are living in a culture and era saturated with multimedia, collaboration, and interdisciplinary creation fed to us through an enormous variety of mediums. It is becoming more important than ever to be informed and educated by the insight and perspective of our peers in the arts in order to maintain a sufficiently educated and relevant aesthetic sensibility.

In order to facilitate communication between departments on campus at the University of Oregon, and to create a conduit through which the students of the School of Music AND Dance are not only able to create with each other, but to also learn from each other, the Eugene Contemporary Chamber Ensemble (ECCE) here presents its latest production: ANIMA.

Anima refers to the energy, or vital force behind our body’s life and breath. It moves, invigorates, and animates us. Through this collaborative production we, as students and artists, have connected and forged creative relationships that have and will continue to infuse and imbue us each with renewed insight, energy, and ultimately a vital force that will inform our own development as creators within our own disciplines.

As the director of ECCE I am proud of the work of everyone involved, including choreographers, composers, dancers, and musicians. We thank the administration and faculty of the School of Music and Dance for allowing us to use these wonderful facilities, and for inspiring us to educate ourselves, and to collaborate with one another in the process.

Sam L. Richards
Director of the Eugene Contemporary Chamber Ensemble

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