Rapture and the Agon

I have now posted a recording my of recently performed piece for flute choir, Rapture and the Agon. You can read more about it and listen to the recording on its own page.

Although this piece isn’t necessarily a typical departure from what might be called “proscenium-style” concert music (in the sense that there is no additional multimedia or performance element) I most certainly consider the work a collaborative effort. Early in 2009 Molly Barth, phenomenal flutist and chair of the flute department at the University of Oregon, began working with Robert Kyr, the chair of the composition department. Their efforts came to fruition via a collaborative pairing of flutists and composers in a concert of new and original music titled “The Oregon Composers Forum: Flute Music for the 21st Century.” 

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to write a piece for nearly the entire flute studio (10 flutes), including 2 piccolos, 5 soprano flutes, 2 alto flutes, and 1 bass flute. It was a welcome and very satisfying experience, and I have all of the flute players in Molly’s studio to thank for coaching me through the process and ultimately giving the piece a public reading on the concert this April.

Having trouble imagining what 10 flutes might sound like? Go give it a listen.

This piece is dedicated to Molly Barth’s flute studio of Spring 2009.

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