Flute Music for the 21st Century

Santa Claus Piping His ipeA piece of mine for flute ensemble (10 total!) will be premiered later this month on April 27th, as part of a concert featuring the collaborative efforts of the University of Oregon graduate composers and the flute studio at the School of Music and Dance, headed up by BetaCollide member, Molly Barth.

Lots of works for solo flute. Some for piccolo. Some also including piano, or cello, . . . Then there is my behemoth, featuring practically the entire flute studio in one piece, Rapture and the Agon. My fingers are crossed.

Flute Music for the 21st Century
April 27th, 8:00pm, Beall Hall

P.S. Don’t expect the jolly fellow in the photo to be there. . . I wish he was coming, but it seems unlikely.

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