“End Light” at ArtPrize

End Light,” a hybrid video and sculptural work by Collin Bradford that I have scored, is premiering at ArtPrize 2016 and will be featured in the Urban Institute for Contemporary Art in Grand Rapids, MI from now until Oct. 17th.

End Light, premiering at ArtPrize in 2016 at the Urban Institute for Contemporary Art, is a hybrid video and sculptural work. The video was shot in a massive automated library storage system, in which books are retrieved by a robot crane. A man who is captive in a room above this vault receives communication only via books that his son requests that the crane deliver to him. He finally escapes by riding the crane into the heart of the vault. Outside the video gallery is a sculpture structured by large stainless steel bins used in the storage vault. These bins are pierced by fluorescent tubes that serve as grow lights for ferns, a rhizomatic plant. These works explore a cultural shift, accelerated by globalization, technology, and the internet, from the Enlightenment project’s collection and hierarchical categorization, organization, and storage of knowledge via science, math, and reason to the rhizomatic dispersal of knowledge and the breaking down and escape from rigid hierarchies and organization.

End Light from Collin Bradford on Vimeo.

An Art Artistry Prize

I am honored to have recently been awarded a prize in An Art Artistry’s “The Contemporary Piano 2016” competition for my work 3 Blossoms, for solo piano. The prize comes with a performance, and audio/video recording by famed pianists Theoni Papadimitrakopoulou & Dimitris Anousis during their 2016 season in Athens, Greece.

Recordings will be shared here once they are complete. In the meantime, explore An Art Artistry’s website for more details.

Frame Dance – Houston

Earlier this year I was awarded as a winner of Frame Dance Productions 2016 Composer Competition. Through the award, I have been granted the pleasure of working with the Executive and Artistic Director of Frame Dance Productions, Lydia Hance. The work will be premiered this Saturday, May 7th, at MATCH Houston, with my music being featured in “through the sheets of clouds.”

through the sheets of clouds
May 7th, 2016
MATCH Houston
3400 Main Street, Houston, Texas, 77002, United States


From their website:

The world feels so big. So heavy. Branches at your head, rocks at your feet. Voices in your ear. You gawkily balance the world’s call for repair and the weight of your responsibility to others, unsure of your own sound.

“But little by little,
as you left their voices behind,
the stars began to burn
through the sheets of clouds,
and there was a new voice
which you slowly
recognized as your own”
– Mary Oliver, from The Journey